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Multi Spindle Automatic Lathe

Multi Spindle Automatic Lathe can provide the various types of machining such as boring, turning, chamfering, threading, grooving, and drilling by moving the workpieces between 6 or 8 stations(machining position). This machine tool enables to realize overwhelmingly fast cycle time by dividing into 6 or 8 processes. Generally Multi Spindle Automatic Lathe can provide approx. 4-5 times of machining speed comparing to the Single Spindle NC Lathe although the speed can be widely varied depending on the various conditions.

More precise explanation how to realize such a fast cycle time is as follows:
The process is divided into 6 steps as shown in the tooling layout below. In this whole process, Pos.1(loading/un-loading) takes the longest time. At the case of using 6 Spindle Automatic Lathe or 8 Spindle Automatic Lathes, this longest position time becomes equal to the cycle time.

On the other hand, at the case of using Single Spindle Lathes, the cycle time becomes the addition of the time duration of whole process as in this case each process is not divided into several positions. As shown in the tooling layout below, SHIMADA’s 6 Spindle Automatic Lathe takes 7.8 seconds, and other company’s Single Spindle Lathe takes 33.7 seconds, which means SHIMADA’s 6 Spindle Automatic Lathe can provide the work of 4.3 machines of other company’s Single Spindle Lathe.

    CNC-6 Spindle Automatic Lathe Single Spindle NC Lathe
1 Longest duration 7.8 seconds 7.8 seconds
2 4.6 seconds 4.6 seconds
3 5.7 seconds 5.7 seconds
4 2.5 seconds 2.5 seconds
5 5.9 seconds 5.9 seconds
6 7.2 seconds 7.2 seconds
Cycle time 7.8 seconds 33.7 seconds
CNC 6-Spindle Automatic LatheDifferent company's standard single spindle NC lathe
CNC Multi Spindle Automatic Lathe

Speaking of 6 Spindle Automatic Lathe, 1 spindle is used for loading and un-loading, and other 5 spindles are used for machining. SHIMADA’s 6 Spindle Automatic Lathe can attach 3 NC slides and 8 Spindle Automatic Lathe can attach 1 NC slide. The rough machining is provided at non-CNC slide positions and proceeds the finishing at NC position, therefore both high-speed and high-accurate can be possible with this machine.

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