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SS-8(8 spindle automatic lathe chucker type)
8 Spindle Lathe/High Productivity/A remarkably evolved tooling capability


  1. Collet Chuck or 4-inch Hydraulic chuck
  2. Max turning diameter is φ32mm( 1.26" )
  3. High Accuracy and Rigidity
    a) All Slides are hardened and hand scraped. b) The main end tool slide is guided along chevron-type (V-shaped) slideways which are supported by three-point. c) Rigid box construction with hardened and hand scraped box slide way.
  4. Corresponds to various FMS system
  5. Many different usages are possible such as :
    Two Workpieces at One Cycle(w-workpieces at a time)
    Work reversing-----Front and Back Simultaneous machining


Function Item No NC Slide 1 NC Slide 2 NC Slides
Turning Capability Collet capability Φ32mm(Φ1.26")
Power chuck Four inches
Max. turning length 200mm(7.8")
Spindle No. of spindles 8
Spindle diameter Φ55
Max. spindle RPM 3500min-1
Motor Select from 5.5 kw or 7.5 kw
End Tool Slide Number of attachable tools 8
Tool diameter Φ55mm(Φ2.16")
Z-axis movement 200mm(7.8")
Drive system Camless oil pressure (optional: NC drive)
NC Slide X-axis stroke   65mm(2.56") 65mm/65mm(2.56"each)
Z-axis stroke 55mm(2.16") 55mm/55mm(2.16"each)
Control unit FANUC
Machine Size Machine height 1800mm(70.9")
Floor space 2300×2000mm 2300×2200mm
Machine weight 3500kg
2SI-6/8 2SI-10 HS4200 VT4-350 ISM B6 SERIES B6 SERIES CN660 CN660-DSP SC-6E SS-8